Gloryfy - G19 Gold
Gloryfy - G19 Gold
Gloryfy - G19 Gold
Gloryfy - G19 Gold

Gloryfy - G19 Gold


Gloryfy Optics G19 Gold - UNBREAKABLE EYEWEAR


Five years of research and development to the limits of what is feasible - the result: The world's only glasses that no longer break. The frame and lenses are made of the unbreakable special material NBFX and, no matter how large they are, they always return to their original position thanks to the memory effect.
gloryfy CONTOUR Lens Technology

NBFX ENERGIZER redbrown F3 (gold mirror)

The edge filter of the NBFX Energizer lenses creates contrasts where there seem to be no contrasts!
Base lens colour: energizer redbrown  
Coating: gold
Filter level: F3
Filter: blue light
Lighting conditions: sun, clouds, difuse light

We offer you the perfect glasses for every area of life. gloryfy unbreakable eyewear - unbreakable glasses made of the innovative and patented special plastic NBFX. Developed, designed, produced and tested daily by our highly specialized team in the middle of the Alps, in the Tyrolean Zillertal. Unique, innovative, award-winning and with an enormous amount of passion in every single product.

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Bikeshoe4u and gloryfy unbreakable eyewear
With gloryfy we have found an eyewear partner. So next to awesome cycling shoes, we also have awesome cycling glasses. And because we think you have to look sharp on and off your bike, we also have unbreakable casual sunglasses!


Due to our heavy #shoedoping action right now, your desired cycling shoes may not be in stock, but don’t worry we can always get them to you from our suppliers & manufacturers.
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