Lake - MX242 Black/Silver (Normal and wide insole)
Lake - MX242 Black/Silver (Normal and wide insole)
Lake - MX242 Black/Silver (Normal and wide insole)
Lake - MX242 Black/Silver (Normal and wide insole)
Lake - MX242 Black/Silver (Normal and wide insole)
Lake - MX242 Black/Silver (Normal and wide insole)

Lake - MX242 Black/Silver (Normal and wide insole)


Lake - MX 242 (Normal and wide insole) MTB shoe

The MX242 was designed for those riders with foot issues such as bunions, deformation or extremely narrow feet who need a shoe that will not beat their feet up, giving the rider the endurance they need to stay on the bike. The upper has separated panels that allow for fine tuning the pressure and fit which also allows the upper to conform around sensitive and painful sports on the foot without the same level of constraint that is felt in traditional shoe uppers. 

The MX242 is a culmination of all of our experience, advanced materials and shoe making techniques to eake a shoe that offers the best fitting solution for any foot type. With a heat moldable heel counter and an uniquely designer upper that has enough adjustability to accommodate feet with any instep height or foot volume without sacrificing comfort. 

MX Competition Last - Featuring a larger toe box & tighter heel than the Comfort last and with slightly more overall volume than the Sport last. Exceptionally secure for hard riding/racing with enough room in the toe box to prevent binding when running up inclines or negotiating a hike-a-bike section.  Designed for performance riding & racing.


Lake Competition 100% Carbon Fiber Sole with Mountain Competition real rubber sole with extended protection and ground stability.


Helcor Abrasion resistant leather, Ecco Fullgrain leather and NuFoam lining with Carbon fiber support panels which helps to maintain a secure fit while adding foot stability. The Helcor Abrasion resistant leather is specifically designed to be extremely durable against rubbing, scrapes and scuffing. The upper is segmented into 4 independent zones for the most flexible fit to accommodate narrow or wide feet as well as high instep and low instep feet. The moldable heel counter double the heel hold for a secure fit.


BOA Fit System Side mounted Li2 Push/Pull dial with releasable guides integrated into Lake's incredible fitting and comfortable uppers. There is not one element that can take credit for shoe fit and more importantly fit does not always equal comfort. The dua BOA fit system is not unique within cycling, but rather how we use this dial system in conjunction with our in house design, development, pattern work, our world class shoe Last and selection of superior upper materials that make this system work and why Lake shoes are known across the world for being the best fitting and most comfortable high performance cycling shoes. 

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