Gloryfy Unbreakable

Bikeshoe4u and gloryfy unbreakable eyewear

With gloryfy we have found an eyewear partner. So next to awesome cycling shoes, we also have awesome cycling glasses. And because we think you have to look sharp on and off your bike, we also have unbreakable casual sunglasses!

gloryfy unbreakable eyewear products return to the original position even after strong deformation, are totally unbreakable and even safe with airbags. They are made of NBFX™ (Non Breaking Flex Polymer) in the gloryfy production facility in Austria. 

gloryfy glasses are available in various fits. The wide range offers a perfect solution for nearly any face and guarantees wearing comfort thanks to one of the lightest materials in the optical industry. For everyone we have cycling shoe that fits. Now we have a pair of cycling glasses that fits for everyone. With the adjustable temples and nosepads, the glasses can be set to every form of head. 

The ensurance of production secrecy and the swift channels between development, production and sales are crucial factors as to why gloryfy glasses are produced in Austria. 

gloryfy sunglasses offer high-contrast and colorfast vision due to mass-tinted lenses and the unique gloryfy Contour Lens Technology. Clear vision is guaranteed, reaction times during your activities are going to improve. 

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