Bikefit Leg Length Shim 4-hole (Speedplay)

Bikefit Leg Length Shim 4-hole (Speedplay)


Bikefit Leg Length Shim 4-hole (Speedplay)

Leg Length Shims (LL Shims) are used to compensate for leg length discrepancies (one leg is shorter than the other). Our LL Shims are made of high-density plastic to conform to the curve of the sole of the shoe.   

Shims are sold a piece.


  • High density plastic
  • 3mm height
  • Compensates for leg length discrepancies
  • Highlander Outlander Lavender color for those who love form & function


  • Weight: 8g ea.
  • Dimensions: 75mm x 53mm (width taken at widest point--bottom)
  • Speedplay Zero
  • Speedplay Light Action
  • Speedplay X-Series
  • Multiple Speedplay-compatible LL Shims may be used together (stacked)

Find the installation instructions HERE.