Form Forefoot Wedge (Universal)

Form Forefoot Wedge (Universal)


FORM Forefoot Wedge - Universal

The in-shoe forefoot wedge is designed to be used inside the shoe, between the insole and shoe itself. It provides 1.5 degrees of varus tilt directly to the forefoot, improving proprioception and creating a more controlled environment inside the shoe. 

Unlike other designs on the market, the FORM in-shoe wedge is toe-less. The reasons for this are:

  • A toe-less design does not occupy space in the toe box, eliminating the “cramped” feeling which other designs suffer from. 
  • With the rider’s toes unelevated, the wedge has extra presence under the ball of the foot, leading to superior proprioception. 
  • With no requirement to position the wedge up against the tip of the shoe, it can be positioned far more accurately directly below the ball of the foot.

The wedge comes in one size and is trimmable to accommodate different shoe widths.

Heel Wedges are sold a piece. Suitable for all cycling shoes.

Why Wedges?
Wedges enable the cycling shoe to connect with the pedal naturally, by acknowledging the foot's inherent angle.  This creates a neutral foot position throughout the pedaling cycle, resulting in greater comfort and power.